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SVM: Single Phase Voltage Relay


• AC or DC Voltage Monitor • Over & Under Voltage

• Single Knob Adjust

• 10Amp Contacts NC/NO

• Nuisance Delay

• Compact Design

• Low Cost




Nominal Voltage Monitor

The SVM monitors single phase AC or DC voltages and operates a set of dry contacts. Several voltage ranges are available. The control is set to the nominal voltage and the relay will drop out when the percentage over or under voltage condition is reached. The LED lights when conditions are normal and the output relay is energized. A time delay controls the effects of short term voltage variations. Fixed delay is 0.5 second.




Input Nominal Voltage: 50/60 Hz

    11 to 15VAC

    22 to 27VAC

    100 to 130VAC

    200 to 250VAC

    350 to 420VAC

    11 to 15VDC

    22 to 27VDC

    28 to 32VDC

    42 to 55VDC

    60 to 100VDC Consult Factory

Over/Under Voltage: ±10, 13, or 16% of Nominal Voltage Hysteresis: 2%

Pick-up & Drop-out Delays: 0.5 sec. fixed

Power Consumption: 1.5VA

Output Rating @ 25°C:

    10 Amps @ 250VAC

    1/2 HP @ 250VAC  

    1/3 HP @ 125VAC

    10 Amps @ 30VDC



Mounting: Plug-In

Termination: 8 Pin Octal (Over 300V requires use of OT-08 socket.) Packaging: Dust Cover

Weight: 9 Oz.


Ambient Temperatures

Operating: 0°C to 40°C

Storage: -40°C to 85°C


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