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SP: Spike Protectors


• 45VDC, 55VAC,130VAC,

   & 250VAC Ratings


• Ground Connection


• Varistor & Triode      



• Stranded Wire Leads


• Analog Circuit Protection


• Solid State Output Protection


Spike Protectors

R-K Spike Protectors are applied to control and instrumentation loop circuits where transient electrical voltages can cause malfunctions or damage to solid state controls or process systems. The Spike Protectors are designed to control voltage spikes within a tolerable level while minimizing any effect to the analog control signals. The SPs are typically connected in parallel with the signal leads and ground at the controller. The varistor combinations allow the excessive voltage spikes to dissipate line to line and line to ground.




Line Voltage: Up to 45VDC or Up to 240VAC

Varistor: (Rated Individually)

Voltage Code / Max Allow Voltage / Max Clamp Voltage / Energy (Joules)

45D     /    45VDC     /    110V @ 2.5A     /    2.7

55A     /     55VAC     /    165V @ 25A     /    10

130A   /    130VAC    /     340V @ 50A     /    38

250A   /    250VAC    /     650V @ 10A     /    17

Triode: (Three-electrode gas-tube surge protector)

Sparkover Voltage: 250-350VDC



Termination: #18 Stranded Wire Leads

Packaging: Epoxy Filled with Mounting Tab for #10 Screw

Weight: 1 Oz.


Ambient Temperatures

Operating:  -40°C to 85°C

Storage: -40°C to 85°C


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