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RDS: DC Applications Transient Voltage Filters


• Up to 170 to 500 Volt



• DC Applications


• Varistor Options


• Stranded Wire or

  Solid Wire Leads


Transient Voltage Filters

R-D networks (Resistance-Diode) are applied to circuits where transient electrical voltages can cause a malfunction or damage in solid state controls or control systems (PLCs, CNCs, NCs, Solid State Counters, etc.). The RDSs are applied in parallel with DC (Direct Current) coils to absorb the transients generated when the coils are de-energized.




Input Voltage: Up to 500VDC

Resistance: 10 to 680 ohms, ±10%, 0.5 watt

Diode: 1 Amp @ 400 or 1,000PIV


Voltage Code  /  Max. Allowable DC  /  Max. Clamping Energy (Joules)

    1    /     170VDC     /    340V @ 10A    /    10

    3    /     320VDC     /    650V @ 10A    /    17

    7    /     200VDC     /    395V @ 25A    /    25

Reverse Leakage Current: <50 microamps



Mounting: Surface

Termination: #18 Stranded Wire Leads or #20 Solid Wire Leads Packaging: Epoxy Filled

Weight: 1 Oz.


Ambient Temperatures

Operating: -40°C to 85°C

Storage: -40°C to 85°C


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