RD / SD: 10 Amp Ice Cube Relay

Contact Ratings:

• 3 Amps@30VDC/240VAC

  General Purpose


• 1.5 Amp@120 VAC

  Inductive (CosØ=0.35)


• 1HP@240VAC, Motor


• 1/2HP@120VAC, Motor

Socket Specifications:

• Current Rating: 10 Amps


• Voltage Rating: 250VAC


• Mounting: DIN or Surface

Timer Specifications

Pick-Up Voltage: 75% of Rated Voltage

Drop-Out Voltage:

     30% of rated AC Voltage

     10% of rated DC Voltage

Max. Voltage: 110% of rated Voltage

Operating Time: ≤20 milliseconds

Coil Power:

    ≤1.6VA 50Hz

    ≤1.5VA 60Hz

    ≤1.0W DC

Temperature Rating: -10˚C to 40˚C

Contact Material: Silver Cadmium Oxide (AgCdO)

Contact Resistance: <0.050Ohms (before use)

Minimum Operating Current: 5mA@24VDC


     Mechanical: 50,000,000 Operations

     Electrical: 1,300,000 Operations



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