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PVC: Three Phase Voltage Relay


10 Amp Relay

1NO and SPDT


Phase Loss (Single Phase)

Phase Imbalance

Phase Rotation

Pick-up & Drop-out Delays

Normal Condition LED



The PVC’s output contacts energize when: 1. All the phases are present; 2. The voltages are within 10% of the setting; 3. The phases are in the proper rotation 4. The phases are balanced; 5. The frequency is within tolerance. Built into the PVC is a 5 second pick-up delay to allow the three phase line to stabilize. If any of these conditions shift beyond the setpoints, the output contact will de-energize after a 5 second time delay. Single phase conditions will be detected when the voltage in one phase is 5% different from the voltages in the other two phases (Phase Imbalance).




Line Voltage: 

110VAC to 600VAC, 3Ø

Frequency: 60Hz, 300 Series 50Hz

Line Voltage Ranges:

100 Series - 110VAC to 120VAC, 3Ø

200 Series - 208VAC to 240VAC, 3Ø

300 Series - 380VAC to 415VAC, 3Ø

400 Series - 440VAC to 480VAC, 3Ø

600 Series - 575VAC to 600VAC, 3Ø

Maximum Overvoltage:
10% of highest nominal voltage

Maximum Frequency Shift: 0.1Hz

Undervoltage: 10% below set point

Phase Imbalance: 5% typical

Phase Rotation: A - B - C

Phase Loss:
Complete loss to 95% of nominal

Time Delays:

Pick-up: 5 Sec. Fixed

Drop-out: 5 Sec. Fixed

Power Consumption: 16VA

Output Contacts: 

10 Amps @ 240VAC

  2 Amps @ 600VAC

100,000 Full Load Electrical Cycles

10,000,000 Mechanical Cycles



Mounting: Surface

Termination: Screw Terminals

Packaging: Dust Cover

Weight: 8 Oz. Approx.


Ambient Temperatures

Operating: -20°C to 40°C

Storage:  -20°C to 85°C

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