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PRR/O/L: Phase Loss & Reversal Relay PRR  PRO  PRL


10 Amp Relay




Pick-up & Drop-out Delays


Phase Loss


Phase Rotation


240 Volt Control Contact Rating


Normal Condition LED



Phase Loss & Reversal Sensing

The PRR’s output contacts energize when:

1. All the phases are present;

2. The phases are in the proper rotation

3. The frequency is within the tolerance.

If the phase rotation of the incoming three phase lines is reversed, the internal relay will de-energize. Single phase conditions will be detected if there is an 18% loss of voltage in one phase.




Line Voltage: 

110VAC to 600VAC, 3Ø

Frequency: 60Hz, 300 Series 50Hz

Line Voltage Ranges:

100 Series - 110VAC to 120VAC, 3Ø

200 Series - 208VAC to 240VAC, 3Ø

300 Series - 380VAC to 415VAC, 3Ø

400 Series - 440VAC to 480VAC, 3Ø

600 Series - 575VAC to 600VAC, 3Ø

Maximum Overvoltage:
10% of highest nominal voltage

Maximum Frequency Shift: 0.1Hz

Phase Rotation: A - B - C

Phase Loss:
18% Low Voltage in one phase

Time Delays:

Pick-up: 5 Sec. Fixed

Drop-up: 5 Sec. Fixed

Power Consumption: 16VA

Output Relay: 

PRR -  7 Amps @ 240VAC

2 Amps @ 600VAC

PRRO/L- 7 Amps @ 120VAC

5 Amps @ 240VAC

100,000 Full Load Electrical Cycles

10,000,000 Mechanical Cycles



Mounting: Surface

Termination: Screw Terminals

Packaging: Dust Cover

Weight: 8 Oz. Approx.


Ambient Temperatures

Operating: 0°C to 40°C

Storage: -10°C to 85°C




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