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MRS: Repeat Cycle Solid State Timer

• Independent On &

  Off Times


• 1 Amp Output, 1NO


• Indicating LED


• Fixed or Adjustable Delays


• Screw Terminals or

  Push-On Tabs


• Voltages from 24 to



• Epoxy Filled


Repeat Cycle

When input voltage is applied to the MRS, the load is energized and the first delay period (on time) begins. At the end of the on time period, the load is de-energized and the second delay period (off time) begins. The MRS will continue to cycle the load until the input voltage is removed.




Input Voltage:

     24 to 240V, ±10%


     AC - 50/60Hz

     DC - Filtered to Full Wave

Time Delays:

     Type: Adjustable, Factory Fixed or Remote

     Range: 100 Milliseconds to 5 Minutes

     Repeat Accuracy: ±1% with Fixed Conditions

Reset Times:

     During Timing: 50 Milliseconds,Typical

Protection: Varistor and/or R-C Network

Power Consumption: 5VA

Output Ratings:

     Type: Solid State, Non-Isolated

     Form: One Normally Open (1NO, Form A)


          1 Amp Continuous @ 25°C

          Resistive: 100% PF

          Inductive: 80% PF

          15 Amps Inrush, Non-repetitive

          30 mAmps to ensure turn-on


Mounting: Surface, #6 Screws

Termination: Screw or .25” Push-On Tabs

Packaging: Epoxy Filled

Weight: 4 Oz.


Ambient Temperatures

Operating: 0°C to 65°C

U.L. Operation: 0°C to 40°C

Storage: -30°C to 85°C



On MRS with remote timing resistors, multiples of 2.7 megohms will increase the time delay by 1 minute ±20%.


For adjustment codes 4 a jumper or resistor must be installed across terminals 5 and 6 for the On Time and Terminals 7 & 8 for the Off Time to allow the timer to time out.


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