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LVM/P: Low Voltage Monitor AC/DC Shunt Relay  LVM  LVP


• 5mV to 150V AC/DC


• 600 VAC Overvoltage


• 10 Amp Contact NO/NC


• Noise Filter


• Nusance Delay


• Normal or Reverse



• Compact Design


• Low Cost


AC/DC Shunt

Voltage Sensing Relay

The supply voltage must be provided to the LVM continuously. While the LVM will pick-up and drop-out based on the voltage set point, the voltage sensing inputs will accept up to 600 volts without damage. With no voltage on the voltage sensing input, the internal relay is energized, transferring the output contacts. When the sensed voltage exceeds the set point, the output relay will de-energize. With no supply voltage the output relay is de-energized. Hysteresis and a time delay prevent rapid cycling of the output relay.




Supply Voltage: 120 or 240 VAC, 50/60Hz

Sense Ranges:

     75mV = 5 to 75mV AC/DC

     400mV = 25 to 400mV AC/DC

     4.5V = 250mV to 4.5V AC/DC

     26V =1.4V to 26V AC/DC

     150V =10V to 150V AC/DC

Hysteresis: 4% AC input, DC 0%

Signal Impedance: 20KΩ minimum

Decreasing Voltage Delay: 0.75 Sec. Typ.

Increasing Voltage Delay: 1/4 of Decreasing

Frequency: DC to 400 Hz

Max. Continuous Sense Voltage:

    200V Max. 5 -75mV

     600 Volts all Others

Output Rating @ 25°C:

     10 Amps @ 125VAC

     5 Amps @ 250VAC,

     1600VA Max. Resistive Load

Power Consumption: 3W



Mounting: Surface, #6 Screw

Termination: Terminal Block

Packaging: Open circuit board

Weight: 6 Oz.


Ambient Temperatures

Operating: 0°C to 40°C

Storage: -40°C to 85°C


Consult Factory for Other Options:

     DC Hysteresis

     DC or AC Only Sensing

     Frequency Compensation


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